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Contains 316 DarkTree shader files.

DarkTree Repository - This repository is a place for the free exchange of DarkTree shader files (.dsts, .dstc, .dstb, and .dstp). These files are created with DarkTree 2.0, and can be used by all of the version 2 Simbionts. Click on a category link below to preview the images and download the DarkTree files.

Texture Categories:

  • New - These are the latest DarkTrees added to the Repository.

  • Map - The MAP category contains basic procedural algorithms. Maps are color type DarkTrees but are designed to be converted to percent and bump types as well.
  • Shader - The SHADER category contains different types of shaders, both realistic and non-realistic. Some Simbionts are unable to support all of these effects.

  • Environment - The ENVIRONMENT category contains textures to use as environment maps or backdrops. You'll find skies and underwater scenes.
  • Eye - The EYE category contains realistic and imaginary eye textures for animals and machines.
  • Plant - The PLANT category contains realistic textures of different plant surfaces such as leaves, petals, fruit, and moss. (See WOOD for bark. See BIO for imaginary plant textures.)
  • Skin - The SKIN category contains realistic animal and human skins. (See BIO and FANTASY for imaginary creature skins. See PLANT for fruit skins.)
  • Terrain - The TERRAIN category contains textures of different types of land features including land formations, dirt, sand, and snow.
  • Water - The WATER category contains water and ice surfaces. See TERRAIN for snow.

  • Abstract - The ABSTRACT category is for textures that do not simulate the surfaces of specific materials. Instead they are nonrepresentational and can be used for anything. For example, a swirl texture would fall into this category.
  • Bio - The BIO category contains textures that are of organic nature but do not fall into any of the nature categories (na_xxx). This is a catchall for made-up biological textures.
  • Building - The BUILDING category contains textures to use on the outside of or around buildings. This includes construction materials such as bricks, concrete, fencing, and glass blocks. (See INTERIOR for surfaces *inside* buildings. See STONE for pure granite, marble, etc.)
  • Fantasy - The FANTASY category contains textures that might be useful in the fantasy genre.
  • Interior - The INTERIOR category contains textures of surfaces inside buildings. You'll find materials for interior decorating like fabrics, tile, carpet, and wood flooring. See BUILDING for materials used outside that could also be used inside (bricks, flagstones, glass blocks). See STONE for pure granite, marble, etc.
  • Mechanical - The MECHANICAL category contains actual mechanical and industrial objects such as gears and fans, as well as surfaces for machinery - real and imagined. (See TECHNO for electrical devices and techno textures.)
  • Metal - The METAL category contains textures of various kinds of metals and metallic surfaces. This includes metal ores, processed metals like brushed aluminum and galvanized steel, and rusted metals. (See MECHANICAL and TECHNO for metal devices.)
  • Space - The SPACE category contains large-scale textures of planets and other celestial bodies including nebula, suns, and star fields.
  • Stone - The STONE category contains textures of stones in their natural state (rocks) as well as processed (polished or smoothed). (See BUILDING for textures *using* stone such as flagstone and stonework.)
  • Techno - The TECHNO category contains advanced technology surfaces like circuits, robot casings, and space ship hulls - real and imagined. It complements the MECHANICAL category. (See VFX_SURFACE for more animated texture effects such as force fields.)
  • Toon - The TOON category contains textures good for cartoon application. That is, they have bold, basic colors.
  • Wood - The WOOD category contains basic wood and bark textures. (See BUILDING and INTERIOR for textures of woodwork such as wood flooring and shingles.)

  • Animated - The ANIMATED category contains animated 2D effects.
  • Background - The BACKGROUND category contains textures for use as animated 2D backgrounds.
  • Filter - The FILTER category contains textures for use as static image manipulation filters.
  • Surface - The SURFACE category contains animated 3D surface effects. Examples include a force field and expanding plasma ring.
  • Transition - The TRANSITION category contains darktrees that create 2D transitions between two images.

  • Miscellaneous - The MISCELLANEOUS category contains a mix of stuff that didn't fit in any other category.
  • Snippet - The SNIPPET category is for DarkTree Textures owners. It contains small sub-tree examples for use in building your own textures.

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