DarkTree Repository

DarkTree Repository Usage License

The DarkTree Repository contains DarkTree shaders (.dst files) for texturing, image effects, and video.  This repository is meant as an open forum for DarkTree Textures and Simbiont users to share DarkTrees and learn new design tricks.  You are granted the following rights and restrictions for using the DarkTree Repository:

  1. You may freely use the DarkTree Repository's .dst files within your own graphics work, both private and commercial.
  2. You may freely modify and use subtrees out of the DarkTree Repository in designing your own .dst files.
  3. You may NOT sell DarkTree Shader files (.dst) from this repository in any form.
  4. You may NOT publicly distribute bitmap versions of these .dst files in ANY form, commercial or free.
  5. You may NOT take DarkTree Shader files (.dst) from the DarkTree Repository for your own repository without written permission.
  6. You may NOT represent DarkTree Shader files (.dst) as your own unless you are the original author.
  7. If any of the DarkTree Shader files (.dst) from this DarkTree Repository are posted elsewhere, these restrictions must be posted as well.

© 2006 Darkling Simulations, LLC