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Trouble downloading the DarkTree file (.dst*)

    Depending on your browser settings, when you try to download a darktree file (.dst*) you might get a text version of the file instead of the Save As requester.  The following instructions should fix this problem for Internet Explorer users.

    1. Make sure Internet Explorer is not running.
    2. Open Windows Explorer.
    3. Go to the "View" menu, and select the "Folder Options..." item.
    4. In the "Folder Options" pop-up, select the "File Types" tab.
    5. Scroll down in the "Registered file types:" list until you find the entry for .dsts, .dstc, .dstp, and .dstb files (called "DarkTree Texture" or "DST* File").  Select the entry and click the "Edit..." button to bring up the "Edit File Type" pop-up.
      NOTE:  If you don't already have a "DarkTree Texture" file type, click on the "New Type" button to create one.  There you should set "Description of type" to "DarkTree Texture" and the "Associated extension" to ".dst".
    6. There will be a "Content Type (MIME):" drop down list.  Make sure this is blank.  If it is not, click inside the list box to select the item inside the box and press the delete key to clear the field, then press OK.

    Now you should be able to download DarkTrees from the repository without any problems.

    In theory, Netscape Navigator should also use this information, but we haven't been able to get it to work correctly here.  The best way to get around this problem is to download complete categories in zip form and extract the .dst files you want.  In the Java browsing applet, click the category you want to load and press the get button.  Using the html version, look for a .zip file in the categories directory and click on it to download.

    If necessary, you can also copy the .dst text straight out of your browser using CTRL-A to select all the text and CTRL-C to copy the text.  Then paste the text in Notepad and save the results as texturename.dst.   If this still doesn't work, make sure the browser hasn't added any extra text/code to the file - open it up and make sure the first line of the file says "DarkTree texturename"

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