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  • Online Registation - Register your purchased products so you can receive tech support and upgrades.

DarkTree Updates and Enhancements

  • DarkTree 2.x - Download the latest plugins and updates for DarkTree.
  • Simbiont 2.x - Download the latest Simbiont plugins.
  • Enhance:DT - A third party add-on for DarkTree. Enhance:DT is a set of 150 new components for Darktree 2.5 and all its Simbionts.


  • DarkTree Repository - Download or contribute new DarkTree materials/shaders.
  • Tutorials - These mini-tutorials pick up where the manuals left off.
  • Links - Links to user sites with tutorials, textures, and other resources. 


  • Questions? Email or call us at (505) 500-4375.  We are here between 10:00am and 6:00pm MST, Monday through Friday.
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