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3D Procedural Textures and Shaders

DarkTree 2.5

DarkTree 2.5 is an advanced procedural shader authoring tool. By combining any of 100+ procedural components into a texture tree, you can interactively create photorealistic textures, surface shaders, and animated effects.

DarkTree textures and shaders can be saved out as bitmaps or brought directly into a 3D application via the included Simbiont plugins.

WIN02  Windows Vista, Windows XP Home or Windows 2000/XP Professional.

Simbiont 2
Simbionts are plugins for rendering DarkTree procedural shaders, 3D maps, and materials in leading 3D software packages. Site licenses for all Simbionts are included with your purchase of DarkTree so you can affordably outfit an entire studio and collaborate with other artists.

Non-DarkTree owners are free to download and use the Simbionts and shaders available on this site as an example of DarkTree’s capabilities. However, some Simbionts have limited features when used in free mode.


3D Renderers

Full features for DarkTree owners only:
(limited in free mode)

Free Simbiont shader plugins for:

Free Community Project Simbionts for:

Simbionts are also available for other renderers as Community Projects.Developed by third parties, they are open source plug-ins.

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