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SimbiontTS 2.5 is a powerful plugin for rendering DarkTree procedural reflectance shaders and 3D procedural textures in Caligariís trueSpace 5 and 6SimbiontTS is free and there are lots of shader files you can download from this site and around the internet.


Many shaders and procedural textures are available for SimbiontTS through the DarkTree Repository.  Download and use these files just like they were bitmaps ... powerful and dynamic resolution independent 3D bitmaps!

  • .dsts - Shader and Material files load into the SimbiontTS Reflectance plugin and then are automatically loaded into the Color, Transparency, and Displacement plugins.
  • .dstc, .dstp, .dstb - 3D color, percent, and bump maps load into the SimbiontTS Color, Transparency, and Displacement plugins.

If you like the results, consider buying DarkTree so you can design your own shaders.


Download SimbiontTS 2.5 and enhance trueSpaceís materials with DarkTree shaders.  Donít forget to download some shaders!

 System Requirements

SimbiontTS 2.5 requires very little memory but lots of CPU power.

  • trueSpace 5, 6 or 7
  • Windows 2000, XP Professional or
    Windows XP Home
  • Intel compatible processor at 500MHz minimum (2Ghz recommended)

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