DarkTree2.5/ shading

DarkTree 2.5 includes a single powerful empirical shader thatís

Marble shader with volumetric

designed to emulate nearly any surface you will need.  This

Cell Death by Roy Harper

shader component, called the DarkTree Shader, includes standard controls like diffuse, specular, glossiness, and transparency.

The DarkTree Shader also includes many nonstandard controls such as metal highlight, anisotropic specular, alpha, and a powerful clear coat specular layer with thickness and smoothing. In addition, customized function curves can be used to re-map the underlying specular and diffuse function curves. This allows you to emulate other shader algorithms and design exotic surface characteristics.


Sketch Shader

components like Incident and Posterboard allow you to add Fresnel and camera-facing non-photorealistic shaders. The example to the left shows a non-photorealistic pencil sketch shader.

Note:  Due to API limitations, SimbiontTS and SimbiontAM do not support all the nonstandard shading controls listed above.