DarkTree2.5/ animated effects

Bang by Steve Green.

Animated Procedurals

DarkTree 2.5ís flexible framework makes it a powerful tool for creating texture and video effects.

Surface effects include animated shaders that can look like the fluid surface of liquid mercury, the rolling fireball of a nuclear bomb, or youthful skin that grows old and diseased.  You can design effects that simply animate from one state to another; or you can set up multiple tweak controls and keyframe them in your 3D renderer.

DarkTree is also a super-filter for manipulating photos and rendered output. You can reproduce nearly any image processing effect and easily create entirely new ones as well.

Looping Animations
DarkTree 2.5 comes with procedural components specifically designed to make seamlessly looping animations.  Make anything from flowing water to churning lava to pulsating force fields. Excellent for computer game and web site graphics, where bandwidth is limited.

Making a looping animation is as easy as linking together a Loop component, a background texture, and a Time component to make it animate. For even more sophisticated looping animations, you can blend together multiple loops , cycle parameters, and even add Tile components to get both tiling and looping animations.