DarkTree2.5/ demo

Download to Try DarkTree 2.5

The demo version of DarkTree 2.5 is fully functional with the exception that you cannot save any results. Download our plugins too (Renderman, 3ds max, Lightwave, Cinema4D, and Animation:Master) to see how good our shaders look in your 3D package. Blender, Fusion, messiah:studio, and Mental Ray for Maya and Softimage XSI plugins are also available for free courtesy of 3rd party developers.


The DarkTree 2.5 demo is for the Windows Vista, Windows XP Home and Windows 2000/XP Pro operating systems. Your video display must be running in 24-bit color at a minimum of 800x600 resolution.


Try this tutorial if you arenít already familiar with building textures in DarkTree. It will run you through the basics and guide you through building your first material.


Use any of the plugins that come with DarkTree.  These plugins let you apply our DarkTree procedural shaders directly within your favorite 3D applications.