SimbiontMaya basic workFlow 01

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ok some basic usages for the simbiontMaya.

it simply sources darktree channels to be used in your hypershade. all channels are actually returned as colors. you need to manually translate bump channels to a vector type node.. ie use a simple colorTOvector node to get it ready. for percent just pick the .r component of the color you're picking from the simbiont.. if you're sourcing for example the specularLevel, pick the specularLevelR from the rollout and plug it to the scalar slot you need.

here a simbiotMaya that souces a color channel and a bump channel from a dsts texture file. as they are the only channels present in the texture we left 'unlimited' in the but take care that if you need only some of the channels available for that texture you should select them there to resize render times.