SimbiontMaya adv workFlow 01

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here we see two tricks. one where we use dynamic tweak evaluation. and the other one where we're sourcing more than one bump net from the darktree file. both of them are applied to a single simbiont node.

to get a dynamic tweak evaluation that is.. you can use other nodes to be evaluated instead of fixed tweaks values we just enable that into the respective tweak panel. from there we can attach color, scalar or integer nodes to be evaluated at runtime giving us infinite combinations directly from within the hypershade.

the other trick involve darktree application. when using the simbiontMaya we should not see it necessary as wysiwyg I mean what you see there it will be not necessary what you see in the hypershade. for example to get multiple bump nets to be sourced we can attach our nets in darktree to the node root to any vector(blue) slot for all the channels that we are not going to use directly. here we source for example another vector net as bump from the anisotropic_dir channel in darktree application. we use darktree textures as 'packages' where pick up what we need once we're in maya hypershade. this way simbiont encapsulates procedural textures more than trying to resemble actually the very same material in darktree application. here we source a color channel used as a main color where then we apply dynamic tweaks, two percent channel that we'll use as scalars for displacement and specularity and two vectorbump channels to be tweaked and layered up in maya. ..and for what ? to get that horrible torus we see in the pic. ;-)